Plug into South Africa's largest network of professional car buyers.

Until 2007, dealerships had to rely on relationships to trade cars, but then with the rise of the internet and online auctions, our partner - DealersOnline - created a shift.

Connecting buyers and sellers through one online platform, they changed the way that used cars were traded in South Africa. With CarFling, this previously closed marketplace is now open to consumers. Helping you beat the middlemen, bank the margin and maximise when selling your car.

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Over the last 15 years, DealersOnline has evolved into South Africa’s largest and most trusted used car marketplace, becoming the operating system powering used car businesses - large and small.
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We collect, inspect, store and sell thousands of cars each month from across the country for leasing businesses and corporate fleets. (AVIS, WesBank, Standard Bank, Bidvest).

Our auction technology enables 63 white-label platforms powering marketplaces for global brands like Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW and leading dealership groups.

With at least 450 cars listed daily on auction, we have the market’s attention six days a week, creating a daily habit for buyers procuring stock.

The DealersOnline Marketplace is a vibrant and healthy ecosystem, facilitating the sale of over 5000 vehicles a month through our network of over 6500 active buyers.

Over 700 dealerships and buying businesses make money using our software and datasets to inspect, price, and sell cars, achieving on average 110% of trade-value (book).

Proven performance. Real results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers before you need to ask the questions.

What do I need to get registered?

Your phone, your car, and your car keys. Kick start the process now

What do I need to get verified?

You need to give us some more details about you and your car. Set up a short 10 minute phone call with one of our agents so we can assemble a better picture.

What do I need to get validated?

You need to have your vehicle and information professionally inspected. Set up a 30minute inspection

Have on hand:

  • Car
  • Car Keys
  • Drivers Licence
  • Vehicle Licence

What does an inspection entail?

One of our professional vehicle valuators will come to you. Or you can bring your vehicle to one of our nationwide trade centres. 

They will spend 30 minutes taking photos, capturing information and driving your vehicle a short distance to assess and capture its condition.

What can I expect to get out of an inspection?

  • A digital inspection report that details the precise condition of your vehicle. 
  • A comprehensive indication of expected prices for the potential sales paths of your vehicle. 

All of this is safely stored in your CarFling pass

How much does it cost to sell my car through CarFling?

It’s free. 

So how does CarFling make money? 

Buyers pay a fee to CarFling for every vehicle they purchase on our auction platform. However, there is a menu of additional services that you can add to your engagement with CarFling that come at an extra cost:

For example, if you bring your car to us for an inspection, it is free, but if we come to you, there is a R850 charge.

How long does the process of selling my car take?

We list cars on our auction for 3 days. 

What happens if my car doesn’t sell on auction in those 3 days?

If your car doesn’t sell on auction the first time around, you have options available to you: 

  • You can relist it again with an adjusted reserve price.
  • We can give you an instant cash offer and take your car off your hands.
  • You can choose to sell your car elsewhere if you receive a better offer. 

How does the CarFling auction work? 

We run a daily online auction that is open to a network of over 7000 registered professional car buyers across the whole country: 

  • We set a reserve price for your car. 
  • We list it on auction for 3 days. We give you access to a portal for you to watch the live action
  • Our network of buyers bid on your car.
  • When it closes, whoever has made the highest bid wins. This is subject to your confirmation - you have 24 hours to approve the sale

What happens if my car fetches less on auction than I wanted?

There’s no obligations. Your car is listed subject to confirmation, so you get the final say on whether it sells or not.

You have 24 hours to approve the sale once the auction closes.

What happens once my car has sold? 

Once you’ve got the deal you’re after we collect your car or you deliver it to one of our nationwide trade centres, submit the final documentation needed to transfer ownership, and we will settle the amount directly to your bank account. 

No hidden costs - what your car closes for on auction, is what you’ll see in your bank account.

What do I need to close the deal?

  • Proof of ownership (eNatis document).
  • Valid bank account to be paid into. 
  • Settlement letter (if applicable).

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