September 22, 2023
4 min
CarFling Asks Richard Scott-Martin to tell us more about the DealersOnline ecosystem

CarFling Asks Richard Scott-Martin to tell us more about the DealersOnline ecosystem

Our host, Richard Scott-Martin took centre stage in this month’s instalment of CarFling Asks.

Richard took on the role as Head of Innovation for DealersOnline just under five years ago. Upon entering the business, he discovered that this was no ordinary auction. There was no old man holding a gavel rapidly shouting out numbers, looking for a bidding indication. This was a dynamic online auction platform filled with opportunities.

From warehouse processes to online tools, he had to fully immerse himself into the business’ daily operations to thoroughly understand all its complexities.

Today, Richard has developed an undeniable passion for the DealersOnline auction and its inner workings. Here's a look at the DealersOnline journey he saw through.  

The automotive trade has existed for decades now and plays a crucial role in serving a country’s evolving economy. In previous years, prior to the burst of advanced technology, the industry’s processes and communication lines relied predominantly on an individual and their hand-written notes.

As one might gather, this method is tedious and unreliable. It also posed complications when needing to look for past documents of inspections and reports.

Other challenges faced by the industry included the need for a seamless vehicle disposal method for a business.

Dealerships and their consumers would have to set a day or two aside to call their business network to buy or sell a vehicle they no longer need. Endless telephonic negotiations and countless hours spent on the road proved to be an inefficient way to conduct business.

Enter DealersOnline. An online auction, a software tool and a one-stop communication point between buyers and sellers.

Through the business’s evolution, it became a fully-fledged ecosystem for corporate bodies and dealerships to more easily trade vehicles in the comfort of their offices.

In a nutshell, DealersOnline allows dealerships and businesses to sell their vehicle stock to one another on a safe, reliable auction platform. Additionally, they provide software tools to conduct vehicle inspections amongst other features to streamline the motor business processes. The third facet of the business is of course, its people, its staff who keep every tool and mechanism running smoothly.

Through this ecosystem, when you sell on the auction, you have a very strong chance of selling your vehicle for its highest market value.

But how?

The auction platform consists only of registered buyers and sellers. Automotive experts and corporate entities who are well aware of the industry’s playing field. They’re the motor boffins who know the true operational value of a vehicle and are willing to go to war for it – no matter the cost.
As a business, you have the opportunity to sell your corporate vehicle to another company without travelling across the country.

To successfully implement this ecosystem into the industry, there’s one key ingredient. Trust.

A core component of the auction platform is its detailed reports. Clients and sales executives of DealersOnline use the DOL app to conduct thorough inspections. Every detail is captured – from the license disk to photos from every angle to all accident damage.

The report captured by the app is approved by a manager and once approved, it’s loaded onto the auction platform. The auction reports specify it all. It allows interested buyers to view the vehicle without physically viewing the vehicle. When done correctly, it builds trust between the buyers and sellers and between the two parties and the platform as they know that there’s value in spending time and money trading on the auction.

There are over 4000 dealerships and businesses that form part of DealersOnline’s client base – keeping their eyes on the platform for the next best buy.

You see, selling your vehicle on a reliable auction platform benefits you and your motor buddy. As the seller, you have the chance to dispose your vehicle to an expert who knows its worth and is willing to pay the highest amount for it, giving you the chance to receive its true market value.
For your vehicle, it’s the chance to enter into a new life cycle with a business that will make good use of it (or its spare parts).

On the other hand, if you’re a buyer, you have a wide array of used vehicles to choose from. Truly, vehicles galore!

This ecosystem created by DealersOnline has endless opportunities attached to it, creating a strong, streamlined workflow between businesses no matter the location. It’s just one extensive network of ethical vehicle trading.

And now, with the marriage of DealersOnline and CarFling, consumers have a chance to be part of the auction action too.

So, here’s to another 16 plus years of auction ecosystems building on the used car trade market, one tool at a time.