June 2, 2022
1 min

CarFling helps Jason jump-start his Miami life

BC (Before CarFling). Jason Wright (30) was immigrating from Cape Town to Miami, and with the big move quickly approaching, the rush to sell his 2009 BMW 1 Series was on. This new chapter in his life was going to be expensive, so making sure that he got the best price for his car was essential. With the bit of time he had left, the best offer he received was R80,000 before coming to CarFling.

Jason set a starting bid of R73,000, his car was on auction for eight days and received a total of 15 bids.

The results

With a few days left before take-off, Jason’s car achieved the best selling price of R89,000, exceeding his expectations and best offer by more than 10%.

"Thanks to CarFling, I was able to sell my car before leaving for Miami - and at a higher price than I expected. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants to get the best offer on their car, hassle-free."
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