June 8, 2022
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Calvin's trusty wheels give him a financial boost for his new London life

Calvin, an engineer in his 20s had been living in Cape Town for most of his adult life. After making the move from Durban in 2011 to study at Stellenbosch University, he loved the city and found a job and girlfriend pretty quickly.

Fast forward 10 years and Calvin had made two big life decisions, the first - he had grazed the knee and was now a fiancé. The second - he and his soon-to-be wife had decided that it was time to move, but this time a little further from home. London Town was calling.

Immigrating is an interesting season of life. One filled with a lot of emotions; excitement for a new chapter, nostalgia for friends, family, and a way of life being left behind, stress to get paperwork and admin out of the way, exhaustion from packing and selling various things, and of course the growing pressure to get all of this done within a specific timeframe.

When it came to Calvin’s car, he knew he had to sell it but he also knew that he needed to keep it until his very last day in South Africa. His Renault Captur had treated him well, and he wanted to make some extra money to help with a seamless adjustment across the seas.

After agreeing to sell his car through CarFling, he was excited to watch how it performed on auction.

“Online auctions are the only way to find the highest price the market is willing to pay and be paid in the shortest amount of time with the highest amount of confidence.”

With a reserve price of R155,000, his vehicle received a total of 14 bids. After eight days on auction, the Renault sold for R181,500 - more than the original amount he had bought the car for from its previous owner. Selling through CarFling made for a less stressful moving process in general for Calvin and his fiancé.

With CarFling, Calvin was able to get a valuation done on his own terms, on his property, and have all of the car admin and hassle done for him. Auction performance greatly exceeded his expectations and his remaining time in South Africa was spent on activities that mattered most to him. He didn’t have to worry about making time for private viewings, nor did he need to drive around to different dealerships weighing up his options.  

On his final evening in Cape Town, Calvin got to take his trusty wheels for their last spin. Winding around Chapmans Peak at sunset, he bid a perfect farewell to his beloved car and country.

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